Friday, September 16, 2011

Short Little Update

Hello, friends!

Fall is almost here, and summer is gone.  My brother and I started school on August 16th.  That was very early for us (we normally don't start until the day after Labor Day)!  It has worked out well, though.

I'm still taking piano, and Irish Dance!  We get to use hard shoe in Irish this year!  Should be tons of fun!

I will helping out with a girls Bible Study by leading music, sharing my testimonies, and helping where I'm needed starting next week.  :)

Today I saw that people from various countries such as China, Iran, and the United Kingdom have stumbled upon this blog!  I know most (if not all of those) were probably a mistake, but it was still really cool to see!  Hopefully, they will remember that they clicked on my blog and come back sometime!  :)

Well, more later!