Friday, October 22, 2010


Last night we went to an amazing concert with TobyMac, Third Day, Jason Gray, and Michael W. Smith. Our speaker was Max Lucado.

We picked up our tickets there at the place where the concert would be held, and then we went to grab some dinner.  After dinner, we walked around the parking lot of the arena where the concert was held for a half hour (I have a goal to walk for at least 30 minutes at least three times a week for the Congressional Award, so we did it while we had some extra time), then we went inside.

As you can see in the picture above, we brought our friend Jonny along with us.  D.J. and Jonny met at last year at the weekly school we went to.  It was nice to have him along.

My aunt works for Max Lucado, and was able to get us free tickets, and backstage passes to meet Max Lucado!  The seats were great!  The place where the concert was held was an arena where you would go see a professional basketball team play, or an ice skating show or something.  We were on the floor of the arena, and the main stage was on one side of the room.  We were in the middle section, only eleven rows back from the stage!  :)

The concert started a little before seven, with Jason Gray.  Later in the concert, when Michael W. Smith was playing, my mom and I went out to the souvenir stand, and Jason Gray was standing near it, so we took my picture with him.
Jason Gray

After Jason Gray finished, it was TobyMac's turn!  My brother especially is a big fan of TobyMac, so it was great that he could see him LIVE!  The music was very loud, but we enjoyed it!
Once Toby was done, our attention was turned to a smaller stage in the middle of the arena. There, Michael W. Smith and lead singer Mac Powell from Third Day were singing.  This was a very worshipful time.  A little later, TobyMac came up on to the stage, too, and they all sang together.  They introduced Max Lucado who said a few words (he was to speak later), and before we knew it, our attention was turned again to the main stage, where Third Day played.
Michael W. Smith and Mac Powell from Third Day

Michael W. Smith, TobyMac, and Mac Powell from Third Day

Micheal W. Smith

Lead singer Mac Powell of Third Day Telling
Someone to Clap Their Hands

When Third Day played, Mac Powell forgot some words to one of his own songs.  I know he probably would have preferred not to forget, but it is encouraging to me because when I mess up or forget something I'm playing, I can remember that even the professionals do it.
 After Third Day, Max Lucado got up and spoke.  The purpose of this concert was to raise awareness of the many children in the world who suffer from hunger, and to encourage people to sponsor a child through World Vision.  Max Lucado spoke from Matthew 25 where Jesus says, " 'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.' "
Max Lucado

After he was done speaking, it was intermission.  In other words, it was our time to go meet Max Lucado.  We walked to "Stage Right" and were ushered backstage.  We met Max Lucado, who seemed to be a very kind, and caring man.  He asked me and D.J. what our interests were, and said he was glad he got to meet us.  We were glad to meet him, too!


We left backstage, and went back to our seats, and Michael W. Smith played.  Along with his own songs, he sang some songs like "Above All", and "How Great is Our God".  That was enjoyable.  I think it is pretty great that he can play the accompaniment to songs without any music, and sometimes without even looking at what he is playing.  That inspires me to just keep working hard on my piano, and hopefully be able to do that with any song someday myself.  I am thankful for my two great piano teachers! :)

Michael W. Smith
Michael W. Smith, TobyMac,
 Mac Powell (From Third Day), and Jason Gray
At the very end, all four artists came out, and sang "God of this City."  It was a really great concert, and I'd like to thank Aunt Liz and Max Lucado for the great tickets!

As TobyMac said last night, "If you leave this place with just one name on your lips, let it be the name of Jesus."  All the praise goes to Jesus!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Season for Everything

Hi!  Well, we made it home safely from our West Coast trip on August 18.  We had a fun time! :)

I got my Driver's Permit on Thursday!  I am happy about that!  I drove about a half mile on Thursday from the park to our house.  Today, I drove in the church parking lot. 

DJ absolutely loves soccer!  He plays on Sting - the competitive league for his age.  Soccer season has started up again.  Although, does it ever really end?  :)  Last weekend my brother played in a four-day tournament (just one game per day, except the last day they had two for the championship) in another city. I went to three of the five games.  We got second place in the tournament.  He had another game today, but this time it was here in our home town.

My "sport" is music.  I don't play soccer or basketball, I play music. :) So, since I need some physical activity to be involved in, I am starting Irish Dance on September 7th.  I am really excited about it, and I hope it goes really well.  I got my leotard, pants and ghillies (shoes) on Wednesday.  I'll write more about it after I actually start.

I am still working on the Congressional Award.  That takes a lot of time.  I will be volunteering weekly now again on Monday nights from 6-8.  I am also looking forward to helping a lady who goes to our church with a music class she will be teaching.  I'm not sure what all I'll be doing, but I love music and enjoy kids, so hopefully it will be great!  Irish Dancing is also going to count for the Congressional Award, and I'll also be counting piano and driving, too!

I read "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris this summer.  I thought it was a great book, and it was inspirational.  I would recommend it.  Right now, I am reading "Start Here", the follow-up book by Alex and Brett.  Have you read either of those books?  If so, what did you think of them?  If you haven't read "Do Hard Things" or "Start Here", what book have you read recently and why did you like it?  Or, why didn't you like it?  Let me know in a comment if you want to share.  Thanks!

I have had a great summer, but I am ready for fall.  Isn't it good that God gives us different seasons?  School starts for me on Monday.  I'll be a sophomore in High School.  I hope it is a wonderful year!

There is a time for everything, and a season
for every activity under heaven.
- Ecclesiates 3:1

Monday, August 16, 2010

To the West

5:20 a.m. came early Friday morning August 6th.  I wanted to get up early to go on a walk before we left on our trip to Idaho, Oregon and Washington.  I got up, and at 5:45 I was on my walk with my brother.  It was cold!  On our walk, we saw the sun rising over the hills.  It was a beautiful sunrise!

It took until about 7:10 until we left on our trip.  We headed towards Idaho.  My dad was a pastor there for 9 years.  I lived there until I was three.  My family has kept in touch with a few people in Idaho.  One of those is a family we stayed with.  On Saturday, our friends that we stayed with put together a very nice Open House for us where people came to say "Hi" and visit with us (well, mostly my parents).  That night, we had dinner with another family.

We pulled out of our friends' driveway Sunday morning, and headed towards Oregon.  We arrived my aunt and uncle's house in Oregon that afternoon.  My almost-95-year old Grandma was there when we arrived, and had dinner with us.  

On Monday, I got to see my fabulous friend Karissa.  We had a fun time!  That evening, my family went with my aunt and uncle to a concert.

Our Concert Performer

On Tuesday, we went camping!  When we lived in Oregon, our church put together a family camp each year and we would go.  So, in some ways, it was like going to Family Camp again, but there were a lot less people.  We went camping with four other families.  Altogether, there were sixteen kids.  My family has known these families for about 10 years.

We stayed Tuesday and Wednesday night.  We camped near Ft. Stevens and the Ocean.  On Tuesday night, the older kids went to one of the batteries, and from there five of us went to the beach to see the sunset.  It was a beautiful sunset!  That night, we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.

Wednesday was gray all day, and in the morning, it was misty.  We went to Ft. Stevens, and the Ocean that day.  Even though it was gray, it was still great to see the Ocean.  By the way, for those of you who have never been to the Oregon Coast, it is truly that - the Coast.  It's often cold and gray, and the water is FREEZING!  It's still pretty though, in it's own way.  That night, the older boys went to one of the batteries near the campsite, and after they got back we sang songs around the campfire.

We left the camp ground Thursday as the sun finally came out!  Our family drove to Seaside, and stopped for some shopping, then we came back to my aunt and uncle's house.  That night, my mom and aunt went to a jewelry party, and the rest of us went to dinner with my grandma, and after my dad brought her home, we went to a movie in the park.  I was SO tired that night!

On Friday, my dad, D.J. and uncle went on the hike that one of my aunts died on a year ago.  While they were gone, my mom and I did a few things.

Yesterday was Saturday.  My mom and I met some friends for dessert yesterday afternoon.  It was good to have time to visit with them. :)

My family went to our old church this morning, and this afternoon, my aunt drove D.J., Mom and me up here to Washington.  We are staying with my aunt and uncle who came last July with my Grandpa.  My mom's cousin here in Washington is having open heart surgery on Tuesday, so if you think of it, please say a prayer for him on Tuesday.  My dad and uncle from Oregon are now in Idaho on their way to our home.

Here is one more picture from our trip to the Coast:

Sunset through the Peter Iredale Wreck

We have had a fun week!  Thanks for reading!  I know it was a lot in one post!

"And I wish all the people I love the most, could gather in one place
And know each other and love each other well." ~ Sara Groves, From the song "Every Minute"

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Time!

It's summer time! It's already July! Wow!

So, what has our family been doing this summer? What are we going to be doing later on? Well, let me tell you...

From June 21-25, my mom, brother and I helped at our church's Vacation Bible School.  It was different this year because it was in the evenings instead of mornings.
From June 28 through July 2 we hosted a 5-day club in our backyard. Some youth came to our house and put it on. They told Bible stories, missionary stories, and taught the children games, songs and a Bible verse each day. We would also have a snack, too! There were a few children who wanted reassurance of their salvation, and at least one child prayed to receive Christ.  Praise the Lord!

We have been re-doing our bathroom downstairs, so we have had some people working on that this week. Also, on Tuesday, we painted D.J.'s (my brother) and my rooms. Three of D.J.'s walls are brown and the other is green, and mine are all green. D.J. plans to put a green stripe on at least one of his brown walls. They look nice! :)

So, that's a lot of what we have been doing this summer so far, but what's next?

Well, near the end of this month, we are having two sets of company come. My aunt and uncle are coming from Oregon, and another aunt and uncle from Washington with my grandpa from Montana are coming.

In August, my family and I are taking a trip to Oregon to go camping with a few families. We are driving this time (we always fly), so it will be a little different. On our way to Oregon, we will be stopping Idaho for two nights and seeing some old friends. It will be great to see many friends and some family in August! :)

I hope you are having an awesome summer! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent”  - Victor Hugo.*

Music is a wonderful thing, and can express much without saying a single word.  When words and music are put together, it becomes more than words.  Often they are pieces of poetry put to a melody.

Of course words are needed for many things, but think what can happen with just music.  Think of a ballet for example.  A whole show can be performed with out a single word being heard by the audience, and the audience still knows what's going on.  They can still follow the story.

Many go to concerts where only music is played.  They listen for over an hour.  The music tells a story itself with out a single word being spoken.

Music is used in movies, and audio dramas.  Many radio stations play mostly music. Music is used in all kinds of dancing, and at special events.  Without music things sound "empty".

There are many different kinds of music.  Many countries have their own type of music, and within the countries, people enjoy different styles.  We have many different kinds of music in America.  We enjoy music such as Jazz, Country, Classical, and even Rap.  

Not only are there different styles of music, but there are so many different instruments.  Consider the piano, cello, violin, flute, trumpet, accordion, guitar, and the bagpipes.  All these instruments are different and have a different sound, yet they all have something in common... they all make music.  Each instrument could be playing the same note, yet they all have their own voice.

How about music with words?  Deep feeling is displayed with these songs.  These songs can be spoken from the heart, bring tears to one's eyes, or bring laughter.  They could be songs of praise to God, or possibly a cry from the heart.

Music can be used to memorize a variety of things.  It can be used to memorize a Bible verse by putting the words to music.  It can also be used to memorize the alphabet, or capital cities.  On their commercials, businesses use jingles to make us remember their slogan or company name.  It is interesting how we remember things better when they are put to music, rather than just the words themselves. 

The whole book of Psalms is full of songs to God.  There are many songs in the Bible.    Psalms 33:2-3 says, "Praise the LORD with the harp; make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre.  Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy." NIV  God gave us music so we could praise Him.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

How Great Thou Art

I just got a new CD called "Passion: Hymns Ancient & Modern" by the Passion Worship Band.  One of the songs on the CD is "How Great Thou Art". The original music was a Swedish Folk Melody, O Store Gud, which was arranged by Stuart K. Hine in 1953.  In the insert, they have this story:

"In 1886, Swedish pastor, Carl Boberg, then 26, composed the nine original stanzas [of 'How Great Thou Art'] as a poem, O Store Gud, or 'O Mighty God.'

"In time, the poem was translated into German and Russian and was notice by a British missionary who was serving in Ukraine.  That missionary, Reverend Stuart K. Hine, was visiting a home in the Carpathian Mountains near the Polish border when he found a Christian by the name of Dimitri and his wife.  Almost by chance, a Bible had fallen into their hands, but no one in the village, save Dimitri's wife, had learned to read, and she only with the greatest effort.  As she slowly spelled out the wonderful words of John 3:16 to the wondering villagers, tears began to flow, and one by one they dropped to their knees, crying aloud to God.  Twelve of these villagers had been truly converted, and it was these believing disciples that Mr. Hine met when he called at the cottage n the mountains that day.  He arrived just in time to hear than crying out in amazement again at the revelation of God's love at Calvary.

"Under the inspiration of the blessed scene, he wrote, 'And when I think that God, His Son not sparing, sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in; that on the Cross my burden gladly bearing, He bled and died to take away my sin... then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee, how great Thou art!  How great Thou art!'

"Later, Hine expanded and translated three stanzas from Russian into English and added a fourth."


Just think... One Bible was placed in the hands of the only person who could read in the village...  Many heard that they could have Salvation...  Twelve believed...  This inspired Reverend Stuart K. Hine to translate three of the original stanzas into English and write the stanza, "And when I think that God, His Son not sparing..."  Now this hymn, originally a poem written in 1886, is probably one of the most popular hymns of all time.

Wow!  What a series of amazing events!  God can do amazing things!

Click on the web address to hear the song:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Will" by Charlie Hendren

Where the coast of ancient Ireland meets the ocean's roar

A band of frozen villagers stood hard upon the shore

'Twas a black and frigid evening; icy mistlets spun the air

As they watched a ship out on the brine and offered silent prayer.

The Pride of Cork was going down she had driven hard on the rocks

And was torn by jagged boulders where the sea would claim her loss.

Her ribs had shattered in the bout and the crew of ten and three

'Twas sure to drowned amidst the foam of a cold and deadly sea.

'Twas sure that nothing could be done. 'Twas sure the crew would die.

Till a gallant soul upon the sands yelled, "Lads we've got to try

To get the long boat to the crew for we're their only prayer

I know the odds are slim but they're a drownin' right out there!"

And so it was that eight brave men laid hands to slippery oars

And so cast off to reach the Cork some eighty rods from shore.

They quickly vanished midst the moil of a savage booming sea

Where they would make their humble try to save the ten and three.


Forty minutes slowly past and then near twenty more

When a hollow haunting cry was heard, "Hallo-o-o! Hallo-o-o! the shore!"

'Twas the eight lads in the long boat appearing in the swells

And with them in the boat a huddled group of twelve.

As the long boat touched the shore and the rescued helped to land

A small boy amongst the watchers asked, "But where's the other man?"

His answer came from frozen lips, "Lad there wasn't room.

The Lord knows we tried but 'tis sure he's gone to meet his doom."

The boy turned to his mother in a voice both soft and high

"Mother, let me take my boat and give it one more try!"

His mother drew him to her held him tightly as she said,

"No, my son you cannot go for I will not see you dead.

The ocean claimed your father nearly six years past today

And Will your older brother is now two years gone away.

Not a word we've gotten since he ran off to the sea;

You're all I've got in all the world and your stayin' here with me.

When brother Will left his note and ran off to the sea

I felt it in my very heart that never more I'd see

His handsome face not touch his brow: The ocean's claimed his soul

He's far and gone these two long years

And I will not let you go!"

"But mother dear, the men can't go they're frozen to the bone

I'm all that's left to save the one that's perishing alone.

I'll take my dingy small and light she'd breast the meanest wave

And you'd not have me standing here when there's one more life to save."

With those few but urgent words her son now broke away

And rant to cast his tiny boat into the foaming waves.

Boat and boy soon disappeared within the darkening storm

While a grieving mother stood alone and wept and silent mourned.


An hour past. An hour ten and some now turned to leave

When came the hopeful ringing cry, "There, there's something in the sea!"

All eyes swept the angry foam that crashed upon the sand

Searching for a boat and lad and perhaps a thirteenth man.

Yes! There it was appearing from the gloom;

But was there no one in the boat?

Or was there one? Or two?

The boat took shape against the black of raging storming din

The watchers ran to grab her prow and dragged the dingy in.

A mother's lone figure now stood fearful on the shore

Afraid to ask or chance a look at what the dingy bore.

But then the mother heard a joyous chorus split the night

Could her lone remaining son have made it back all right?

She drew a breath then turned to the boat upon the shore

Where now she heard the warming cry

"It's them! Oh, praise the Lord!"

Then came her young son's voice breaking through the chill

"Mother, I've brought the thirteenth man, and Mother, it is Will!"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We are home!

We are home from D.C.!

Let me tell you what we did this past weekend.

We arrived at my aunt and uncle's house Friday night. We had dinner, and we watched a movie on their new 3D TV.

Saturday was not too busy. We drove through downtown Frederick, MD with my aunt and uncle, and also stopped at two Cival War Battlefields. That night, after dinner, we went to Rita's - a place that sells frozen custard. The custard was tasty!

Sunday was busier. We went to the International Spy Museum, and the Museum of Natural History. My favorite thing at the Museum of Natural History was the butterfly pavilion. That was fun!

On Monday, we left my aunt and uncle's house, and drove to Baltimore. We saw the harbor there. We flew home from Baltimore that night.

We had a good trip! Thanks for visiting my blog during our trip! If you would like to continue reading my blog, I will be posting some this summer!

By the way, for those of you who do not have a Google account and "continued as a guest", your invitation will expire a month after you received the invitation. If you would like to continue to have access to my blog, please e-mail me and let me know so I can invite you again when the invitation is about to expire.



Saturday, May 22, 2010

More on Washington D.C.

We are in Maryland! We are visiting my aunt and uncle.

Yesterday we visited the Library of Congress, and the Air and Space Museum. At the Library of Congress, we saw the Gutenberg Bible. We also saw Thomas Jefferson's book collection.
At the Air and Space Museum, there are two sections of the building. One section is about Airplanes, the other is about Space. We mainly visited the Space section.

Since I haven't posted much about this past week, let me tell you a little more.

On Tuesday, we visited the White House and the Museum of American History. We stood in line to get into the White House for more than an hour, and we were only in the house for about 20-25 minutes. Although we were in the house for a short time, it is still a privilege to be able to go. My favorite room was the East Room. This room is sometimes used as a ball room, is a golden color, and has fancy chandeliers.
At the Museum of American History, we saw cool items such as President Lincoln's top hat and pocket watch, and the actual flag that inspired "The Star-Spangled Banner" during the war of 1812.

On Wednesday, we met our Senators, and took a tour of the Capitol Building. Our tour guide was an intern for one of our Senators. This tour was nearly a private tour as it was our family and one other lady and our tour guide. A cool thing we learned on our tour of the Capitol had to do with a statue of President Ronald Regan. This is a life-size metal statue of Ronald Regan, with a base that he is standing on. In the base, there is a layer of rock. This rock is pieces of the Berlin Wall.

It seems like we got the most accomplished on Thursday. That morning, we visited and took a tour of the Pentagon Building.  After that, we took a bus tour. One of the bus stops is at the Lincoln Monument, so we stopped there. We could see the Washington Monument from many places including the Lincoln Monument, and we also saw the Jefferson Memorial from the bus. Another stop on the bus route is near the WWII Memorial, so we also stopped there. We then stopped at the Museum of National Archives. There we saw the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Washington D.C.

We were in Washington D.C. last week!  Our first day was Tuesday, and we left for Frederick, Maryland yesterday evening.  We will probably visit D.C. once more before we leave for home.  When we were in D.C., we visited the White House, the Capitol Building, the Museum of American History, the Pentagon, the Museum of National Archives, the Library of Congress, and one of the Air and Space Museums. We have either seen or actually visited: the Lincoln Memorial, the WWII Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the and Jefferson Memorial.

Here are some pictures that were taken on Wednesday and Thursday:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Williamsburg, Virginia

Five pictures in the Governor's Palace Gardens.
The following two pictures are of the Wythe gardens taken from inside the Wythe House, and a picture of the Guest Room.

Saturday in Virginia

Saturday was a busy day. In the morning, we went to a place called Bodo's Bagels to get bagels for breakfast! I got a cinnamon raisin bagel with honey and butter. It was good.

We visited President James Monroe's house. James Monroe was the fifth president of the United States. Part of the original house was burned in a fire, but it has been added on to (as is in the picture here - this part of the house is not original), and has been somewhat restored. There is one huge tree that stands in the yard of the Monroe house. It is over 200 years old, and was there when the Monroes lived there. It is the only tree that has been there that long. If that tree could talk, it could tell us so many things!

We also visitied a place called Michie Tavern. We ate a colonial lunch of fried chicken, green beans, cole slaw, etc. at the restaurant. After lunch, we took a tour of the boarding house where travelers would stay. The tour guide even taught us a colonial dance!

After Michie Tavern, we took a short stop at an apple orchard that is located on top of a mountain. This picture shows some of the beautiful scenery that could be seen from the mountain.

This is a picture of the tree that stands in front of Monroe's house.

Friday, May 14, 2010


We are in Virginia! We left Baltimore this morning, and arrived here this afternoon.  We are staying with friends, in a little town near Charlottesville, VA.

We visited Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, today.  For some of his home, he used ideas from Roman and French architecture and implemented them into the house.  Today, the structure is over 200 years old, and 60% of the items in the house are originals.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Statute of Virginia, and founded what is now the University of Virginia.   He died exactly 50 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed - July 4, 1826.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Journey Begins

We are now in Baltimore!  We left our house today, and flew to Maryland - our first destination on the East Coast.  We will leave here tomorrow and head to Virginia where we will be spending the next four days.  

Please check back soon for more posts!  :)  


Monday, May 3, 2010

A Poem I Wrote Called "Writing a Poem"

A poem can be hard to write;

It also can be grand.

Write about a soaring kite,

Or pencil in your hand.

A poem can be filled with thrill,

With fights or journeys long.

A poem can be sweet and still,

With words of love to ponder on.

Make sure your poem isn’t dull,

And boring to read, too.

Your poem can be meaningful,

It’s all up to you.

So write a poem and have some fun,

Before you know it, you’ll be done!