Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Time!

It's summer time! It's already July! Wow!

So, what has our family been doing this summer? What are we going to be doing later on? Well, let me tell you...

From June 21-25, my mom, brother and I helped at our church's Vacation Bible School.  It was different this year because it was in the evenings instead of mornings.
From June 28 through July 2 we hosted a 5-day club in our backyard. Some youth came to our house and put it on. They told Bible stories, missionary stories, and taught the children games, songs and a Bible verse each day. We would also have a snack, too! There were a few children who wanted reassurance of their salvation, and at least one child prayed to receive Christ.  Praise the Lord!

We have been re-doing our bathroom downstairs, so we have had some people working on that this week. Also, on Tuesday, we painted D.J.'s (my brother) and my rooms. Three of D.J.'s walls are brown and the other is green, and mine are all green. D.J. plans to put a green stripe on at least one of his brown walls. They look nice! :)

So, that's a lot of what we have been doing this summer so far, but what's next?

Well, near the end of this month, we are having two sets of company come. My aunt and uncle are coming from Oregon, and another aunt and uncle from Washington with my grandpa from Montana are coming.

In August, my family and I are taking a trip to Oregon to go camping with a few families. We are driving this time (we always fly), so it will be a little different. On our way to Oregon, we will be stopping Idaho for two nights and seeing some old friends. It will be great to see many friends and some family in August! :)

I hope you are having an awesome summer! Thanks for reading!