Friday, October 22, 2010


Last night we went to an amazing concert with TobyMac, Third Day, Jason Gray, and Michael W. Smith. Our speaker was Max Lucado.

We picked up our tickets there at the place where the concert would be held, and then we went to grab some dinner.  After dinner, we walked around the parking lot of the arena where the concert was held for a half hour (I have a goal to walk for at least 30 minutes at least three times a week for the Congressional Award, so we did it while we had some extra time), then we went inside.

As you can see in the picture above, we brought our friend Jonny along with us.  D.J. and Jonny met at last year at the weekly school we went to.  It was nice to have him along.

My aunt works for Max Lucado, and was able to get us free tickets, and backstage passes to meet Max Lucado!  The seats were great!  The place where the concert was held was an arena where you would go see a professional basketball team play, or an ice skating show or something.  We were on the floor of the arena, and the main stage was on one side of the room.  We were in the middle section, only eleven rows back from the stage!  :)

The concert started a little before seven, with Jason Gray.  Later in the concert, when Michael W. Smith was playing, my mom and I went out to the souvenir stand, and Jason Gray was standing near it, so we took my picture with him.
Jason Gray

After Jason Gray finished, it was TobyMac's turn!  My brother especially is a big fan of TobyMac, so it was great that he could see him LIVE!  The music was very loud, but we enjoyed it!
Once Toby was done, our attention was turned to a smaller stage in the middle of the arena. There, Michael W. Smith and lead singer Mac Powell from Third Day were singing.  This was a very worshipful time.  A little later, TobyMac came up on to the stage, too, and they all sang together.  They introduced Max Lucado who said a few words (he was to speak later), and before we knew it, our attention was turned again to the main stage, where Third Day played.
Michael W. Smith and Mac Powell from Third Day

Michael W. Smith, TobyMac, and Mac Powell from Third Day

Micheal W. Smith

Lead singer Mac Powell of Third Day Telling
Someone to Clap Their Hands

When Third Day played, Mac Powell forgot some words to one of his own songs.  I know he probably would have preferred not to forget, but it is encouraging to me because when I mess up or forget something I'm playing, I can remember that even the professionals do it.
 After Third Day, Max Lucado got up and spoke.  The purpose of this concert was to raise awareness of the many children in the world who suffer from hunger, and to encourage people to sponsor a child through World Vision.  Max Lucado spoke from Matthew 25 where Jesus says, " 'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.' "
Max Lucado

After he was done speaking, it was intermission.  In other words, it was our time to go meet Max Lucado.  We walked to "Stage Right" and were ushered backstage.  We met Max Lucado, who seemed to be a very kind, and caring man.  He asked me and D.J. what our interests were, and said he was glad he got to meet us.  We were glad to meet him, too!


We left backstage, and went back to our seats, and Michael W. Smith played.  Along with his own songs, he sang some songs like "Above All", and "How Great is Our God".  That was enjoyable.  I think it is pretty great that he can play the accompaniment to songs without any music, and sometimes without even looking at what he is playing.  That inspires me to just keep working hard on my piano, and hopefully be able to do that with any song someday myself.  I am thankful for my two great piano teachers! :)

Michael W. Smith
Michael W. Smith, TobyMac,
 Mac Powell (From Third Day), and Jason Gray
At the very end, all four artists came out, and sang "God of this City."  It was a really great concert, and I'd like to thank Aunt Liz and Max Lucado for the great tickets!

As TobyMac said last night, "If you leave this place with just one name on your lips, let it be the name of Jesus."  All the praise goes to Jesus!